MQ: Transforming Mental Health

Around the world mental health research and treatment have simply not been a priority. Yet the burden is huge. Current investment does not reflect this incredible cost to society. MQ is here to change that.

MQ: Transforming Mental Health is a new charity with big ambitions. We believe that research will ultimately improve quality of life for the billions of people and families affected by mental illness. We aim to raise money and fund exceptional research to close this gap. Read more about our vision.

News & Opinion

Depression: New challenges

Opinion   |   2014/07/22   |   In this new guest blog, former Mental Health Minister, Rt Hon Paul Burstow, talks about some of the key priorities ahead in tackling depression – and the need to improve our overall understanding of the condition.   |   More »

New leads from the genetics of schizophrenia

News   |   2014/07/22   |   Sarah Shenow, our Science Information Manager, blogs about today's findings on the genetics of schizophrenia.   |   More »

Scientific advances in mental health must embrace psychological treatments, say experts

News   |   2014/07/16   |   Writing today in Nature, leading researchers have called on clinical scientists and neuroscientists to work together to advance the scientific understanding of psychological treatments.   |   More »

Tackling mental health problems at work ‘comes from the top, there is no alternative’

News   |   2014/07/09   |   MQ Chairman, Dennis Stevenson speaks openly about his experience of mental illness in business and calls for Chief Executives to take the lead in creating mentally healthy workplaces.   |   More »

Depression: Asking the Right Questions - major new national survey launches

News   |   2014/06/11   |   We are launching a national survey into depression – we would like to know what questions people have about the condition. We will use people’s questions to help inform depression research. We believe research can improve lives, and so want find out what the most important issues are.   |   More »

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