MQ: Transforming Mental Health

Around the world mental health research and treatment have simply not been a priority. Yet the burden is huge. Current investment does not reflect this incredible cost to society. MQ is here to change that.

MQ: Transforming Mental Health is a new charity with big ambitions. We believe that research will ultimately improve quality of life for the billions of people and families affected by mental illness. We aim to raise money and fund exceptional research to close this gap. Read more about our vision.

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Mind the Gap MQ Newsletter - November 2014

News   |   2014/11/28   |   Welcome to our latest 'Mind the Gap' Newsletter. We're delighted to be able to share news of over £2.3million of funding MQ has awarded for eight exciting new research projects.   |   More »

MQ: Transforming Mental Health awards £1.5 million for four new psychological treatment studies

News   |   2014/11/18   |   New flagship research programme aims to advance the scope of psychological therapies to improve effectiveness and access to treatment.   |   More »

Patient priority setting for research - mental health leads the way

News   |   2014/11/05   |   MQ’s project manager, Ali Cranage, blogs about new initiatives gathering patients priorities for schizophrenia, depression, and now bipolar disorder, research.   |   More »

Dr Philip Campbell named as Chair-Elect of MQ

News   |   2014/10/31   |   Dr Philip Campbell, Editor-in-Chief of Nature, has been confirmed as Chair-Elect of MQ and will take office when Founding Chairman Lord Dennis Stevenson steps down in 2015.   |   More »

International mental health science award given to four talented young researchers

News   |   2014/10/23   |   Second annual MQ Fellows Award will provide over £900,000 to support four cutting-edge projects exploring new ways of understanding, treating and preventing mental illne   |   More »

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