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Around the world mental health research and treatment have simply not been a priority. Yet the burden is huge. Current investment does not reflect this incredible cost to society. MQ is here to change that.

MQ: Transforming Mental Health is a new charity with big ambitions. We believe that research will ultimately improve quality of life for the billions of people and families affected by mental illness. We aim to raise money and fund exceptional research to close this gap. Read more about our vision.

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MQ analysis reveals ‘historic under-funding’ of UK mental health research

News   |   2015/04/02   |   A new funding analysis published today by MQ, reveals a picture of historic under-investment in UK mental health research. This includes ‘virtually non-existent’ charitable funding, which has contributed to overall levels that fail to meet the scale or impact of mental illness.   |   More »

Why Depression Research Matters: Expert Q&A

Opinion   |   2015/04/15   |   In advance of the upcoming depression symposium at the BNA Festival of Neuroscience, we wanted to share the valuable insight of two of the UK's top mental health researchers.   |   More »

Next steps for the Depression: Asking the Right Questions Project

News   |   2015/04/13   |   Jennifer Tuft, the new project manager at MQ, blogs about her learning from the Palliative and end of life care Priority Setting Partnership (PeolcPSP) and the exciting next steps the Depression: Asking the Right Questions project.   |   More »

Advances in Depression Research: BNA Symposium

News   |   2015/04/10   |   This Wednesday (15th April) MQ is supporting an important symposium on depression at the British Neuroscience Association Festival of Neuroscience entitled 'Teasing out the Mechanisms of Depression’.   |   More »

World Bipolar Day

  |   2015/03/30   |   Today (30th March) is World Bipolar Day. To mark this date, we wanted to share progress on an important bipolar research initiative that we are co-funding.   |   More »

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