November 2014 - £1.5million awarded for four new psychological treatment studies

October 2014 - New MQ Fellows announced

October 2014 - MQ Co-Funds Major New Bipolar Survey  

July 2014 - New Nature article presents the outcomes of MQ's international conference on psychological treatments.

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The Scope of MQ Research

MQ: Transforming Mental Health is committed to supporting research across all the sciences, from basic bench research to clinical studies to the social sciences. Our remit is to focus on the big challenges in mental health: depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, but we hope and expect that our cross-disciplinary approach will lead to findings that are important to many disorders of the brain.

MQ is focusing on three specific themes:

MQ is building a diverse research portfolio that includes projects designed to benefit patients and their families as soon as possible – this will most likely be accomplished under our schemes to improve current treatments; and projects designed to improve our understanding of the biological and psychological mechanisms involved in mental illness.  We believe these projects will ultimately identify new and better ways to diagnose, treat or prevent mental health problems.  They are likely to involve many types of studies and may take as long as 20 years to benefit patients, but by investing now, we hope to ensure that we stay on the path toward improving mental health and quality of life.

Developing the MQ Research Programme

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MQ is fortunate to have start-up funding and the aspiration to develop an integrated Research Programme.  In building our research portfolio, MQ will leverage talent, technology and creative science to betterunderstand mental health and mental illness. We will focus our funding opportunities on integrated, cross-disciplinary approaches to high priority problems and questions.  By working closely with our research funding colleagues around the country, we hope to ensure that MQ funding will stand for innovation and avoid duplication of effort. Click here to read more about our vision.

MQ endorses the Association of Medical Research Council's position statement on animal research and follows AMRC policies on consideration of the 3Rs in peer review.

MQ is not accepting unsolicited funding proposals at this time.

We hope you will continue to follow us on the website or newsletters for information about our fundraising projects, Funding Announcements, upcoming meetings and other developments pertinent to our research community.