MQ Fellows Programme

As part of its research programme, MQ is seeking talented researchers with bold ideas who aspire to be the next generation of research leaders in mental health.

We aim to support the most promising early career scientists and clinicians who are asking the difficult and challenging questions that will contribute to transformative advances in mental health research.

2014 MQ Fellows

MQ will seek out and support the best early career scientists and clinicians as they work to launch their independent research careers in the field of mental health. The Programme is open to researchers from all disciplines related to mental health research. Research can be based in the laboratory, clinic or field, and may involve experimental, theoretical or social science approaches. It must be relevant to the cause, treatment or prevention of mental illness.

The 2014 MQ Fellows Programme is now open. For more information about the programme and how to apply, please click here. The deadline for Stage 1 Letter of Intent applications is April 24th, 2014.

Please note that the 2014 programme has a different, and 2-stage, process to the 2013 programme. Those interested in applying are invited to read more here.

2013 MQ Fellows

MQ is proud to be a supporter of such a talented and innovative group of scientists in the first year of our Award. These scientists are asking important questions about mental illness and are conducting innovative research into the cause, treatment, and prevention of mental illness.  We believe they are poised to transform our understanding and capacity to treat mental health problems and we look forward to seeing their accomplishments in the years to come.

The MQ Fellows Award will be offered annually as a cornerstone of the charity’s work to support and grow a strong research community for mental health.  We will be creating opportunities to engage scientists, doctors and health care professionals in activities to raise awareness, educate the public and improve quality of life for people affected by mental health problems. As MQ grows, so will the MQ Community of Researchers. Welcome to the 2013 Fellows!

Dr Susanne Ahmari

Dr. Susanne Ahmari

Dr. Susanne Ahmari has just assumed the position of Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Pittsburgh University in the US and is also a licensed Psychiatrist. Her MQ Fellowship will ask how brain circuits produce OCD symptoms, and whether this can be averted... Read More »

Dr Bronwyn Graham

Dr. Bronwyn Graham

Dr. Bronwyn Graham is a lecturer in Clinical Psychology at the University of New South Wales, Australia, and a practicing Clinical Psychologist. Her MQ Fellowship will investigate the role of women’s healthy fluctuations in oestrogen and how this impacts the effectiveness of psychological therapy for anxiety disorders... Read More »

Dr Joshua Roffman

Dr. Joshua Roffman

Dr. Joshua Roffman is Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, and a practicing Psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, US. His MQ Fellowship will examine whether folic acid exposure in the womb is a critical factor that influences brain traces of being at risk for schizophrenia... Read More »


MQ would like to thank our donors and supporters – the Wellcome Trust and the Institute of Social Psychiatry – who made this fellowship award possible.