PsyIMPACT Programme

PsyIMPACT is MQ’s flagship research initiative to support improvements in psychological treatments. 

The PsyIMPACT programme was developed to fill crucial gaps in mental healthcare. Through this programme we fund research to develop and test innovative, theory-driven psychological interventions. The programme is overseen by a committee of leading scientists in the field of psychological research.

The PsyIMPACT programme

In the first major investment of the programme, MQ has awarded £1.5 million to four new research projects trialing innovative new ways to improve the effectiveness and accessibility of psychological therapies.

The 2014 PsyIMPACT projects are: 

Interested in applying for our Fellows programme?

Applications for our 2015 program are now closed. For more information you can read the announcement for the 2015 PsyIMPACT launch.

Last updated: February 11, 2016